tbh i’m pretty sure it’s easier to take care of a child than it is to take care of a plant

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And it was all in an instant that I knew it was all over between us, every memory flashed before me as I teared knowing after all this time it was really over. Feeling so painful I wish I had strength to take my own life because I can’t stand to feel this way anymore…
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The world is this big spinning place that just goes on and on and here I am, at 1:00 am, looking at its haze and wondering where you are among all of it and if you’re sitting somewhere, wondering about me, too.

But I guess you’re caught up in the haze like everybody else while I’m still caught up on you…

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It’s okay to love someone so much that it hurts, that it takes your breath away. I think that once in your life, you ought to love someone like that; freely, inconsequentially, passionately. Some people are lucky enough to have that kind of love and keep it for the rest of their lives, but for most, this kind of love just happens in passing, once or twice, a lesson of some sorts. And if that’s the case, darling, at least next time you’ll know better than to destroy yourself for someone that can never love you as much as you ought to love yourself.
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I want you to know that, honestly, I’m fine now. Not because time has passed or that I’m moving on with my life. Not even because I’ve finally found who I’m supposed to be and that I picked up the pieces of myself that you shattered. I’m ok now because I accept that it won’t ever be easy, the not-having-you part. I accept that there will always be a hollow space inside of me where you used to be. I’m accepting it. All of it. You’re gone. And no matter how much I convince myself that I forgot you, I won’t, not really. Because you will always be a part of me. And I’m finally fine with that.
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I wish I could be dead without actually dying.
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